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Indian Cuisine

and Bangladeshi

Indian cuisine is very varied. It is famous for being rich in spices.
Many of his dishes are enjoyed all over the world.
The tandoori chicken or the unmissable samosas remain essential.

Indian cuisine and its many influences

Indian cuisine comes in three major regional cuisines. All are mainly composed of spices, aromatic herbs, fruits and vegetables. These tasty ingredients have the advantage of being found in every region of India. Indian cuisine is also influenced by its history and religion. The latter occupies an important place in the heart of local society. Vegetarianism is a common dietary practice in India. The consumption of pork and beef remains limited by the prohibitions of Islam and Hinduism. When the Mughal Muslims invaded the north of the territory, new recipes, such as the kebab, were born. Atypical cooking methods are introduced. Cooking in the tandoor is revolutionizing Indian cuisine. This terracotta oven has the particularity of being buried in the ground. Its operation is based, except for a few details, on that of the bread oven. Ingredients from America are integrated into the culinary habits of the Indians. Tomatoes, potatoes, corn and chilli are among them. Ayurveda is a form of traditional medicine. According to her, Indian cuisine is based on six flavors (called “rasas”). These are sweet, salty, pungent, bitter, sour and astringent. Each flavor has a well-defined therapeutic virtue. In India, diseases are often treated and cured through a healthy and balanced diet.

Key ingredients for successful Indian cuisine

Spices remain the basis of Indian cuisine. They bring a unique flavor and give pretty colors to the plate. They are mainly used in the form of a mixture called “masala”. It is also called “curry”. This term comes from a Tamil word for sauce or accompaniment for rice. Each masala characterizes a recipe. For example, in Punjabi cuisine, masala is mainly made from garlic, onion and ginger. Among the frequently cooked spices, we find turmeric, cardamom, cumin, chilli or coriander. Dried fruits are a regular part of traditional dishes. Raisins have the power to flavor a set of foods in no time. Non-vegetarian dishes mainly include mutton, chicken and fish. Beef and pork are rarely included in recipes due to religions. The preparations from Indian cuisine are available according to the tastes and desires of each. It is common for meat to be replaced by shrimp.