Hertztherapy bowls

Hertztherapy bowls

1 hour session / CHF. 60.– (by appointment)

Do not confuse Wellness bowls, which have the principle of having harmonious music and providing well-being, with planetary bowl care.

Here, I am talking about planetary bowls whose frequencies have been controlled and very precise. The bowls are struck and marked at a specific location. The vibrations penetrate deep and into our cells. They re-harmonize the imbalances responsible for physical and mental illnesses. The planetary sound massage is a sound massage that acts gently and deeply on the physical and psychic bodies. It connects energies, stimulates the chakras and disconnects us from cosmic energy.

The mathematician and researcher Jean Cousteau (Switzerland) demonstrated by a mathematical calculation that the stars and the planets sang.

The bowls are composed of 7 metals which represent 7 stars of the solar system and also the 7 chakras.

Money for the moon for the organ of perception of the ovaries. Mercury for Mercury for the organ of perception of the thyroid. Tin for Jupiter for the adrenal perception organ. Copper for Venus for the organ of perception thymus. Lead for Saturn for the parathyroid organ of perception. Iron for Mars for the testicular organ of perception. Gold for the sun for the organ of perception of the pancreas.

Obviously and according to the experiments made, music is beneficial for humans as well as animals and even plants. Music is a moral law, it gives soul to our hearts, wings to thought. A leap to the imagination. She is a charm to sadness, to joy, to life, to everything. It is the essence of time and rises to all that is form. Invisible yet dazzling and passionately eternal. Plato.

A hertztherapy treatment will be beneficial and will bring you well-being if you suffer from:

Depression or malaise. To calm epileptic seizures. Paralysis. Physical and psychological cleansing. Intestinal problems. Menopause. Menstruation. Ovaries. Bronchitis. cough. Muscle relaxation. Fever. Male genitalia. Andropause. Calms urges. Inner journey. Meditation. Overcome shyness. Heart problem. Blood circulation. Liver. Digestion. Cramps. Growth. For the joy of the children. Constipation. Digestive issues etc.

Warning ! The care does not replace medical care and under no circumstances should the treatments prescribed by your doctor be stopped.

The treatment lasts approximately 1 hour.