Reiki Usui & Karuna

Reiki Usui & Karuna

Reiki Usui (Japan): the word Reiki means life energy. It is a method of energy care that is transmitted by the laying on of hands on the recipient’s body.

The donor is a simple channel and does not practice any physical manipulation. It simply lets the energy circulate which purifies and harmonizes the receiver at all levels of his being: body, soul and spirit. Reiki heals and harmonizes.

The benefits of Reiki:

It releases daily stress and opens our interior to us.

It promotes relaxation, serenity and joy.

It increases and accelerates the natural healing process.

It enhances vitality.

It dissolves energy blockages and restores body functions.

It harmonizes the 7 main chakras and brings the necessary energy to the vital centers.

It restores the 5 elements that govern life: smell, taste, hearing, sight and touch.

It promotes relaxation, provides peace, serenity and deep joy.

It strengthens the immune system.

It helps in the elimination of toxins.

​Reiki is a help for migraines, body ailments, fatigue, tension, depression, malaise, insomnia etc… In accompaniment with hertztherapy, Reiki helps the dying to free themselves and to be able to leave in peace.

​During the Reiki treatment, the recipient lies on the massage table fully clothed. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes. During the treatment, I place my hands above your body and your head. My hands go to the areas that need to receive universal energy. The energy directs itself to the areas that need it. Reiki can be given to adults, children, animals, plants, food and drink.

I can also treat remotely.

Each Reiki treatment is personalized according to your needs and expectations. For children, one of the parents must be present during the treatment. It accelerates ongoing healing by stimulating the body’s defense capacities.