Energy surgery

Energy surgery

45 min session / CHF. 50.– (by appointment)

In an energy surgery treatment, we will put ourselves in an energy circuit using the violet breath which will allow us to seek out this blocked energy by activating different me-entras in order to accelerate the process of harmonization and healing.

It seems that the energy fields which surround the human being contain balls of memories, memory codings which float and contain all the events of the existence, present and past. It is therefore possible to read the vibratory envelopes of a person by touch in the aura about 6 mm from the physical body, feeling hot or cold, tingling, vibrations, trembling etc…

Each physical organ has its energetic double. Thus each physical organ: heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, gallbladder etc… finds itself registered in the etric body, first layer of the aura.

Here we find the bases of a micro-vibrational surgery of the future, unless it is a question of a basic rediscovery of a science forgotten for millennia and kept secret by a few initiates!

In the Philippines, doctors with bare hands use a technique of their own.